Remove Access Passwords 2.0


  • "Remove Access Passwords" removes Database File Passwords in an MDB file
  • This can be used by System Administrators, hackers or ordinary users
  • If you have forgotten the password to an MS Access MDB File or the person who set the password is not available, you need not worry!

Common Access Errors

Microsoft Access can't open or convert this previous version database.@The database was created in an earlier version of Microsoft Access. You don't have appropriate security permissions to open or convert databases created in earlier versions.

This database is in an unexpected state; Microsoft Access can't open it.@This database has been converted from a prior version of Microsoft Access by using the DAO CompactDatabase method instead of the Convert Database command on the Tools menu (Database Utilities submenu). This has left the database in a partially converted state.If you have a copy of the database in its original format, use the Convert Database command on the Tools menu (Database Utilities submenu) to convert it. If the original database is no longer available, create a new database and import your tables and queries to preserve your data. Your other database objects can't be recovered.


Remove Access Password


System Requirements
  • Minimum 8MB of RAM running Windows ‘95 or Windows ‘98 or higher.
  • Also runs under Windows NT 4.0 (SP2 or higher).

License Agreement

We disclaim all warranties as to this software, whether expressed or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, functionality or data integrity or protection. Although this software has been thoroughly tested, you are cautioned to backup your data before using this software.

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