Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

E-Tech Inc. is committed to maintaining the privacy of the information you share with us. We will not sell, distribute, or rent information about you and your purchases with E-Tech Inc.. We will only use the information you share with us for the purposes of enhancing your use of our website, or, with your permission, sending you information about our products and services.

Please take a moment to read our Privacy Policy for a better understanding of the measures we take to protect you and the information you share with us. If you don't find your concern addressed here, please feel free to contact Customer Service at

This Privacy Policy will explain the following regarding our collection of information:

Data Recovery

We work with Government and Law Enforcement agencies all the time and know how important it is to maintain a high level of security and confidentiality of your data. We are sensitive to your confidentiality and security requirements. We do not keep any copies of the files you send us. For added security and protection, we will be glad to sign and execute any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements you may require. You may Email such agreements to us at 

The information we collect.

  • Whenever you shop our online store, at the time of check-out, we obtain from you the information we need to complete your transaction. To process your order, we require you to supply us with your correct billing, shipping and contact information. The transfer of this information is secure and cannot be received or read by others.
  • We also allow you to register to receive periodic email correspondence from us. The information we collect for this purpose is your name and your email address.

How we use the information we collect.
We use the personal information you supply to complete and ship your order. Your email address is used to send you an order confirmation, as well as to alert you to any changes in the availability of the items you ordered.

  • Email messages.
    If you provide permission, we will send occasional email messages to let you know about changes to our Web site, free promotional offers and special discounts on products that we believe will be of interest to you. Email messages also may be sent to invite you to participate in a contest or survey or to provide you with information about a product you have purchased from E-Tech Inc..

Notification of changes.
If at some point in the future there is a change to our Privacy Policy and/or practices that affect your personally identifiable information, we will notify you by email of the relevant changes.

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