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Recover your damaged, corrupted, lost or inaccessible files with our File Repair services. We offer a free no-obligation evaluation of your corrupted or damaged data file. There is no charge if we cannot recover your data file.

To send your damaged/corrupted file for a FREE No-Obligation Evaluation by our qualified engineers, please fill in a online recovery request online or by sending us an email at

Recoverable File Types

We can recover lost documents, presentations, spreadsheets, database files, accounting/bookkeeping files, graphics, photos, music files or virtually any other type of file.

U - Subsampled Raw YUV Bitmap repair
U - Unreal System File repair
U - Nitpicker Ipflow File repair
U - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
U - Unreal Tournament 2003 System File (Epic Games, Inc.) repair
U2 - Telelogic Tau UML Model repair
U2E - Unreal Game Translation repair
U2P - Telelogic Tau UML Program Text File repair
U3D - Universal 3D repair
U3I - Sandisk Launchpad Application Installer file (SanDisk Corporation) repair
U3P - U3 application Package repair
U4A - UnInstaller Archive repair
U8 - Raw Unsigned 8-Bit Audio Data repair
U96 - EasyZip Temporary File repair
U98 - Urdu 98 Document repair
UAE - UAE - WinUAE Configuration repair
UAP - WinCC User Archive export repair
UAS - PhotoImpact Backup/Recovery File (Ulead Systems, Inc.) repair
UAX - Rune repair
UAX - Unified Application eXchange Format (UAX Project) repair
UAX - Undying repair
UAX - Unreal Audio File (Epic Games, Inc.) repair
UAX - Deus Ex repair
UAX - Unreal / Unreal 2 repair
UAX - Unreal Tournament 2003 Sound (Epic Games, Inc.) repair
UAX - Harry Potter repair
UB - Raw Unsigned Byte (8-bit) Data repair
UB - Audio repair
UBB - BASIC UBAS File repair
UBD - BASIC UBAS File repair
UBK - National Construction Estimator 32 User Costbook repair
UBK - Embiid Reader eBook (Embiid Inc.) repair
UBM - Iphoto Mtwain Install File repair
UBS - Tracesrv Bugslayer Utility File repair
UC - Unreal Tournament Code File (Epic Games, Inc.) repair
UC - AutoCut Flash Firmware File (Autometrix) repair
UC2 - UltraCompressor 2 Archive repair
UCC - National UCC Financing Statement Software Uniform Commercial Code Form (National LawForms, Inc.) repair
UCD - Prosa/ OM Use Case Diagram repair
UCE - UniCode Extensions repair
UCF - Universal Communications Format repair
UCF - WebEx Document Manager file repair
UCG - ULEAD MediaStudio CG Infinity Graphic (Corel Corporation) repair
UCI - Samsung YP-P2 theme repair
UCM - Urban Chaos Game File repair
UCMN - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
UCN - Compressed Archive repair
UCN - U-Act Configurator Configuration Storage File (Unisys) repair
UCR - MicroSim PCBoard Unrouted Nets Report repair
UCS - Universal Classification Standard Database repair
UCSETTINGS - Universal Converter Configuration File (Anthony R. Daly) repair
UCV - Universal Converter Conversion File (Anthony R. Daly) repair
UCX - Rational XDE (IBM) repair
UD - OmniPage User Dictionary (Nuance Communications, Inc.) repair
UD - AOL 4.0 (America Online, Inc.) repair
UDB - VBA32 Antivirus Signature repair
UDC - deapp.exe file repair
UDD - OllyDbg Module Info repair
UDF - X-ray diffraction data file format repair
UDF - Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET file repair
UDI - Dazzle DVD Complete (Pinnacle Systems, Inc.) repair
UDI - Corel Graphics Ver 10 Draw Script Textures Bitmap File (Corel) repair
UDL - Rundll32.exe file repair
UDM - MapView User-Defined Module (MotCreations) repair
UDS - NHTSA UDS-1992 crash test results repair
UDS - Sierra Generations Family repair
UDS - Unique Development Music repair
UDT - Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET file repair
UDW - Raw Unsigned DoubleWord (32-bit) Data repair
UE2 - Encrypted Archive repair
UEED - Uconomix Encryption Engine Encrypted Directory (Uconomix Technologies Pvt Ltd) repair
UEEF - Uconomix Encryption Engine Encrypted File (Uconomix Technologies Pvt Ltd) repair
UEF - Unified Emulator Format repair
UENC - UltraEdit Encrypted File (IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.) repair
UEZ - Ulead COOL 3D (generic) repair
UFA - UFA compressed archive repair
UFD - PDP-10 User File Directory repair
UFF - DataWave Physiological Data File repair
UFI - UFOCaptureV2 Preset settings repair
UFO - Ulead PhotoImpact Object(s) repair
UFO - Ellisys Visual USB Data repair
UFSD - UFS Explorer Professional Recovery RAW Recovery Signatures Database (SysDevSoftware) repair
UG - Drawing File repair
UGA - Ulead GIF Animator Project File (Corel Corporation) repair
UH - Age of Kings (Microsoft Corporation) repair
UHA - UHARC compressed archive repair
UHS - Universal Hint System repair
UHTM - Unreal Tournament File repair
UI - Qt User Interface repair
UID - IBM Voice Type Users File (IBM) repair
UIF - Magic ISO Universal Image Format File (MagicISO Inc.) repair
UIF - WordPerfect Long Prompts (Corel Corporation) repair
UIFILE - Windows Explorer UIFILE repair
UIH - Geoworks UI Compiler Espire Header repair
UIL - X-Motif UIL Table repair
UIN - ICQ 2001+ Saved ICQ Contact Information (ICQ Inc.) repair
uindex - Newsgroup Index File repair
UIR - LabWindows User Interface Resource repair
UIS - WindowBlinds Skin repair
UK_ - Mcguiness File repair
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