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Recover your damaged, corrupted, lost or inaccessible files with our File Repair services. We offer a free no-obligation evaluation of your corrupted or damaged data file. There is no charge if we cannot recover your data file.

To send your damaged/corrupted file for a FREE No-Obligation Evaluation by our qualified engineers, please fill in a online recovery request online or by sending us an email at

Recoverable File Types

We can recover lost documents, presentations, spreadsheets, database files, accounting/bookkeeping files, graphics, photos, music files or virtually any other type of file.

S - Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 file repair
S - Digital Micrograph Script repair
S - Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET file repair
S - Nitpicker flow repair
S - Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 file repair
S!D - Shuffle! Direct Video Stream (S!D Team) repair
S$$ - Temporary Sort File repair
S$N - Mindstore Digital Wallet File repair
S?? - RAR Compressed File repair
S_S - Eru/erd File repair
S00 - ZipSplitter ZipSplitter Part 1 Compressed File (Lithops Software) repair
S01 - WordPerfect Distribution File (Corel Corporation) repair
S01 - MicroStation Modification Resource (Bentley Systems, Incorporated) repair
S02 - WordPerfect Distribution File (Corel Corporation) repair
S03 - WordPerfect Distribution File (Corel Corporation) repair
S08 - TaxCalc Tax File (Acorah Software Products Ltd.) repair
S1 - Free Pascal Assembler File for GO321v1 Platform (FPC Development Team) repair
S11 - Sealed MPEG-1 Video (SealedMedia) repair
S12 - SPIRIT Drawing File (STI International, Inc.) repair
S14 - Sealed MPEG-4 Video (SealedMedia) repair
S16 - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
S16 - Sigames File repair
S17 - SubSeven Saved Settings File repair
S19 - Motorola Assembly-Language Program ASCII-HEX Data File repair
S1A - Yamaha EX-series Synthesizer All Internal Memory Data (Yamaha) repair
S1A - Sealed Acrobat Document (SealedMedia) repair
S1E - Sealed Excel Worksheet (SealedMedia) repair
S1G - Sealed GIF Image (SealedMedia) repair
S1H - Sealed HTML Document (SealedMedia) repair
S1J - Sealed JPEG Image (SealedMedia) repair
S1K - S1000 Simnet Format repair
S1M - Sealed MP3 Audio (SealedMedia) repair
S1M - Yamaha EX-series Synthesizer Wave and Sample Data (Yamaha) repair
S1N - Sealed PNG Graphic (SealedMedia) repair
S1P - Sealed PowerPoint Presentation (SealedMedia) repair
S1Q - Sealed QuickTime Movie (SealedMedia) repair
S1V - Yamaha EX-series Synthesizer 256 Voice Data (Yamaha) repair
S1W - Sealed Word Document (SealedMedia) repair
S1Y - Yamaha EX-series Synthesizer Internal Voice and Performance Data (Yamaha) repair
S2 - Stranded II Mapfile repair
S28 - Genesis or Sega32X ROM Image repair
S2MA - StarCraft 2 Map data repair
S2MH - StarCraft 2 Map Header repair
S2ML - StarCraft 2 Map Localization repair
S2P - Sonnet File repair
S2QH - StarCraft 2 Localization Header repair
S2QL - StarCraft 2 Unit Localization repair
S2R - RegMagiK Registry Editor Registry Shortcut File (Guzner Software) repair
S2S - Spike2 Script (Cambridge Electronic Design) repair
S2S - SRT2SUP Native Subtitle Format repair
S2WDH - HP Share to Web Upload Folder Test Folder (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.) repair
S31 - SmartWhois repair
S3D - Sealed CAD File (SealedMedia) repair
S3D - EverQuest (Sony) repair
S3D - Micrografx Simply 3D Project repair
S3D - Shape3d Surfboard Design (AWACS) repair
S3D - Strata 3D repair
S3DF - Sealed CAD File (SealedMedia) repair
S3I - Digiplayer/ST3 Sample File repair
S3I - ScreamTracker v3 Instrument repair
S3I/SMP - Scream Tracker/Digiplayer sample repair
S3M - Winamp file repair
S3M - ScreamTracker v3 module/song repair
S3R - Rtl Ski Jump Replay File repair
S3Z - Winamp file repair
S4T - S4/TEXT and Tagless Editor (i4i) repair
S4W - S4/TEXT and Tagless Editor (i4i) repair
S5D - Step5 Program (Siemens AG) repair
S7 - Sibelius Music Notation File (Sibelius Software Ltd) repair
S70 - Xilinx Libraries Library ID Numbers repair
S7ICONS - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
S7P - SubSeven Trojan File repair
S7Z - 7-Zip Compressed File (Igor Pavlov) repair
S8 - Simul8 Simulation repair
S85 - SABRE Chart or Graph (Sabre Holdings) repair
SA - System Sa51SWE File repair
sa - UNIX Stub Library repair
SA1 - Panasonic AAC Data Wrapped in SD Audio Encryption Layer (Panaconic Corporation of North America) repair
SA2 - Surprise! AdLib Tracker 2 repair
SA2 - Time Stamp Project Grid Information File (Syntap Software) repair
SA2B - A2B Player Stream ( repair
SA3 - Street Atlas Ver. 3 Map Document (Delorme) repair
SA4 - STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File repair
SA4 - Street Atlas Ver. 4 Map Document (Delorme) repair
SA5 - Street Atlas Ver. 5 Map Document (Delorme) repair
SA5 - SecretAgent Encrypted File Archive (Information Security Corporation) repair
SA6 - Street Atlas Ver. 6 Map Document (Delorme) repair
SA7 - Street Atlas Ver 7 Map Document (Delorme) repair
SA8 - Street Atlas Ver 8 Map Document (Delorme) repair
SA9 - Hue and Cry Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro Plug-In (Flaming Pear Software) repair
SA9 - Street Atlas Ver 9 Map Document (Delorme) repair
SAA - SecretAgent Auto-encrypted Archive (Information Security Corporation) repair
SAB - ModelMaker File repair
SAB - ACIS Solid Binary File repair
SAB - NVision 3D Scanner File repair
SAB - ALSong Mixed Music Album (ESTsoft) repair
SAB2 - NVision 3D Scanner File repair
SAC - Adobe Shared Asset Catalog repair
SACRED2SAVE - Sacred 2 save game repair
SAD - Black & White Game Sound File (Electronic Arts, Inc.) repair
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