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Recover your damaged, corrupted, lost or inaccessible files with our File Repair services. We offer a free no-obligation evaluation of your corrupted or damaged data file. There is no charge if we cannot recover your data file.

To send your damaged/corrupted file for a FREE No-Obligation Evaluation by our qualified engineers, please fill in a online recovery request online or by sending us an email at

Recoverable File Types

We can recover lost documents, presentations, spreadsheets, database files, accounting/bookkeeping files, graphics, photos, music files or virtually any other type of file.

O - ELF Executable and Linkable format (generic) repair
O$$ - Sprint Outfile repair
O$$ - Output File repair
O01 - Typhoon Voice File repair
O1 - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
O1 - Free Pascal Object File for GO321v1 Platform (FPC Development Team) repair
O2C - Objects to See 3D File Format (mb Software AG) repair
O3 - Ozone Messenger Program Support Files ( repair
O8O - Mediator5 Repositorytabs Vorlagen.006 File repair
OAB - Outlook Address Book (Microsoft Corporation) repair
OAD - Notaro document repair
OAF - Flight Simulator Texture File (Microsoft Corporation) repair
OAF - Outrage Animation Rows repair
OAF - ETH Oberon Applet File repair
OAH2DSK - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
OARC - Optix Archive Bundle (mindwrap, inc.) repair
OARC - Optix Archive Manifest (mindwrap, inc.) repair
OAZ - NetFax Manager OAZ Fax File repair
OB - ABF Outlook Backup Backup File (ABF software, Inc.) repair
OB - IMB LinkWay Object File repair
OB! - Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download ( repair
OB$ - Compressed OBJ (Microsoft Corporation) repair
OB1 - OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Saved Outbox File repair
OB3 - ORTIM Zeit data repair
OBA - Timespace X100 Digital Video Recorder Video File (Timespace Technology Ltd.) repair
OBD - Microsoft Office 2003 file repair
OBD - Office Binder Document repair
OBE - System DLL Oobe File repair
OBE - Out Of Box Experience repair
OBJ - Microsoft Basic 7.1 compiled object code repair
OBJ - OMF - Relocatable Object Module Format repair
OBJ - UVMapper object repair
OBJ - CADRazor 3d model repair
OBJ - Blender 3D object repair
OBJ - Microsoft VBDOS 1.0 compiled object code repair
OBJ/A - Common Object File Format (COFF) Library repair
OBJ0 - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
OBJ1 - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
OBJECTS - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
OBK - Oxygen Phone Manager Phone Book (Oxygen Software) repair
OBK - Ubi Soft Chessmaster Opening Book File repair
OBM - Nokia Multimedia Player file repair
OBML - Opera Mini Saved Web Page (Opera Software ASA) repair
OBN - Oberon-2 Module Source File repair
OBP - Bryce Object Library repair
OBPACK - ObjectBar theme repair
OBR - Objective Reference Document Link (Objective Corporation Limited) repair
OBR - C++ Object Browser Data File (Borland Software Corporation) repair
OBS - OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Saved Outbox File repair
OBS - ObjectScript Script repair
OBSKIN - ObjectBar Skin File (Stardock Corporation, Inc.) repair
OBT - Microsoft Office 2003 file repair
OBTHEME - ObjectBar Theme File (Stardock Corporation, Inc.) repair
OBTHEME - ObjectBar Theme File repair
OBV - ObjectScript Visual Interface repair
OBX - Rational XDE (IBM) repair
OBX - OpenBook OpenBook 8.0 Document File (Freedom Scientific, Inc) repair
OBZ - Microsoft Office 2003 file repair
OC_ - Doko Compressed Install File repair
OC8 - OrgCon 8 Organization (EcoMerc) repair
OC9 - OrgCon 9 Organization (EcoMerc) repair
OCA - Control Typelib Cache (Microsoft Corporation) repair
OCA - OLE Custom Control Library Information repair
OCA - Visual Basic Control Typelib Cache repair
OCB - Origin Precompiled Origin C File (OriginLab Corporation) repair
OCC - DB/TextWorks Database Terms and Words repair
OCCSAN - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
OCD - OrgCon 7 Organization (EcoMerc) repair
OCD - OCAD Digitized Map (Steinegger Software) repair
OCE - Brio Query (Hyperion Solutions Corporation) repair
OCEN - EdGCM Data File (The EdGCM Cooperative Project of Columbia University) repair
OCF - OM2Cipher File repair
OCF - Object Craft File repair
OCI - OpenCanvas Image repair
OCM - AOL Advertising Control File (America Online, Inc.) repair
OCM - Netscape Communicator Aim File repair
OCM - Internet Odyssey 2 Update repair
OCN - - Explorer Measurement Data File (OnTimeLine) repair
OCP - Offline Commander Project File repair
OCP - Advanced Art Studio repair
OCR - FAXGrapper FAX Text File repair
OCS - eDoc DigiSign Digitally Signed Document (Fujitsu Denmark) repair
OCSP - Optix Scanner Plug-in (mindwrap, inc.) repair
OCT - Octalizer Musical File repair
OCT - Radiance Octree Format repair
OCTOPUSFONT - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
OCX - Windows OCX File repair
OD1 - Omnis5 Database File repair
OD2 - Omnis5 Database File repair
OD3 - Omnis5 Database File repair
OD4 - Omnis5 Database File repair
OD5 - Omnis5 Database File repair
OD6 - Omnis5 Database File repair
OD7 - Omnis5 Database File repair
OD8 - Omnis5 Database File repair
OD9 - Omnis5 Database File repair
ODA - AIBO Audio Voice (Sony) repair
ODA - Used with OCX repair
ODA - ODA Document repair
ODA - CALS Group IV Type 2 Raster Image repair
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