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Recover your damaged, corrupted, lost or inaccessible files with our File Repair services. We offer a free no-obligation evaluation of your corrupted or damaged data file. There is no charge if we cannot recover your data file.

To send your damaged/corrupted file for a FREE No-Obligation Evaluation by our qualified engineers, please fill in a online recovery request online or by sending us an email at

Recoverable File Types

We can recover lost documents, presentations, spreadsheets, database files, accounting/bookkeeping files, graphics, photos, music files or virtually any other type of file.

I - Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 file repair
I - Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET file repair
I - Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 file repair
I_I - Eru/erd File repair
I0 - Winter Windows Scheduler File repair
I00 - (100-103) Winphone Phonebook repair
I16 - Nokia Phone Logo File (Nokia) repair
I17 - Pixel Power Collage repair
I18 - Pixel Power Collage repair
I1C - IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File repair
I1I - IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File repair
I2C - IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File repair
I2D - Wyse Device Management Thin Client Disk Image File (WYSE) repair
I2I - IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File repair
I2S - Invision for mIRC Settings repair
I3 - Modula-3 Interface Source repair
I3C - IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File repair
I3F - I3 Fax file repair
I3I - IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File repair
I3ML - I3ML Source Page repair
I66 - Interactive66 Graphic Design Information repair
IA - Roland Garros Tennis Person File repair
IA6 - IApproach Data File (Workfile) (Tdata, Inc.) repair
IAF - Outlook 97 and 2000 E-mail Account Settings repair
IAFA - IAFA Document repair
IAM - Inventor CAD (Autodesk, Inc.) repair
IAN - Sterling Software COOL Business Team Model File repair
IAO - ImperiumAO Data File (Imperium) repair
IAP - TeamBG File repair
IAP - Iguana Active Server Active Page Script (ILan Game) repair
IAP - ASM Palette repair
IAR - CD Katalog (KRISoftware) repair
IAS - Iguana Active Server Script (ILan Game) repair
IAX - IBM Image Access Executive Bitmap repair
IB7 - Pixel Power Collage repair
IBA - IBasic Source Code File repair
IBA - InfoHandler Infobase File (MDE Software) repair
IBA - Image repair
IBC - Microsoft Office Outlook file repair
IBD - PDS Picture repair
IBD - Windows Installer File (Microsoft Corporation) repair
IBD - MySQL - InnoDB Database Table (Sun Microsystems, Inc.) repair
IBF - Instant Backup (Towodo Software) repair
IBG - NASA PDS Graphic Format repair
IBG - Bert's Dinosaurs File repair
IBG - iBridge Project Workspace (i2 Inc.) repair
IBK - Imaging for Windows Image Bookmark repair
IBK - Sound Blaster Instrument Bank repair
IBL - IBasic Component Language File repair
IBL - PCLTool Index-by-Location File (Page Technology Marketing, Inc.) repair
IBM - Commodore Amiga Graphics repair
IBM - Archdos Compressed File repair
IBP - IsoBuster CD/DVD image backup repair
IBP - IsoBuster file repair
IBQ - IsoBuster file repair
IBS - IncrediBar Skin (IncrediMail Ltd.) repair
IBS - i2 iBase File repair
IBT - IBTracer Infiniband Link And Protocol Analyzer InfiniBand Trace File (Computer Access Technology Corporation) repair
IBX - Interscope BlackBox File repair
IBY - ROM Image Component Include File repair
IC - ICwin Climatización por agua Project Data (Procedimientos-Uno, S.L.) repair
IC - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
IC - Spice Initial Condition repair
IC - Modula-3 M3CG Intermediate Language File repair
IC_ - Compressed LCT File repair
IC1 - Imagic Bitmap Graphic repair
IC1 - ZyIMAGE Index repair
IC2 - IMagic Bitmap Graphic repair
IC3 - IMagic Bitmap Graphic repair
ICA - Citrix Independent Computer Architecture file repair
ICA - Citrix ICA Client file repair
ICAL - iCalendar Calendar Data (Apple Inc.) repair
ICALENDAR - iCalendar Calendar Data (Apple Inc.) repair
ICB - Adobe Photoshop file repair
ICC - Art Icons Pro - IconCollection repair
ICCP - Identity Compass Encrypted Culture Profile (Identity Compass International GmbH.) repair
ICD - Rate Structure File repair
ICD - Rayman2 Game File repair
ICD - ASTi Model Builder repair
ICD - File Associated with Many Games repair
ICD - IronCAD 2D CAD File repair
ICD - SafeDisc Encrypted Digital Rights Management File (Acresso Software Inc.) repair
ICD - Actuate Information Object Cache Definition (Actuate Corporation) repair
ICDX - Home Organizer Document (Imagery Concepts, LLC) repair
ICDX - FilePic Document (Imagery Concepts, LLC) repair
ICE - Freeze! compressed archive repair
ICE - ICE compressed archive repair
ICEICEBABY - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
ICF - INI Creator for X10 Remote Control repair
ICF - Cheyenne AntiVirus repair
ICF - Insane Chat Saved Conversation repair
ICF - RapidForm INUS Compression Format File (INUS Technology, Inc.) repair
ICF - ICOM CS-2100 Radio Programming Data repair
ICG - Image Comparer Image Comparison Results (Bolide Software) repair
ICL - Icons Library repair
ICM - Indipendent Color Matching profile repair
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol repair
ICMS - Ragtime Extensions File repair
ICN - HP Palmtop 100/200LX Icon repair
ICNS - Icons resource file repair
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