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Recover your damaged, corrupted, lost or inaccessible files with our File Repair services. We offer a free no-obligation evaluation of your corrupted or damaged data file. There is no charge if we cannot recover your data file.

To send your damaged/corrupted file for a FREE No-Obligation Evaluation by our qualified engineers, please fill in a online recovery request online or by sending us an email at

Recoverable File Types

We can recover lost documents, presentations, spreadsheets, database files, accounting/bookkeeping files, graphics, photos, music files or virtually any other type of file.

E - EiffelStudio Source File (Eiffel Software Inc.) repair
E - Specman Testbench E-program Source File repair
E - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
E - Amiga E Source Code (Wouter van Oortmerssen) repair
E - Euphoria Include File (Rapid Deployment Software) repair
E - Epsilon Editor EEL Macro Language repair
E_E - Eru file repair
E00 - ArcInfo Coverage Export repair
E01 - EnCase Forensic Drive Image repair
E2 - thinkdesign CAD Design repair
E2C - NJStar Chinese Word Processor Dictionary File Index (NJStar Software Corp.) repair
E2P - PonyProg device file repair
E3 - think3 thinkdesign CAD repair
E32 - Inno Setup 1.3 File repair
E3D - E3.series Design File (CIM-Team GmbH) repair
E3D - Instant3D Project repair
E3D - Macromedia Extreme3D Object repair
E3P - E3.series Part File (CIM-Team GmbH) repair
E3S - E3.series Project FIle (CIM-Team GmbH) repair
E3T - E3.series Template (CIM-Team GmbH) repair
E48 - Emu48 HP48 Emulator File repair
E4C - e4Clicks Project Estimator Import File (4Clicks Solutions, LLC) repair
E4MOD - Emergency 4 ModPack repair
E78 - IBM 3270 Terminal Emulator Screen Layout Definition repair
E99 - Steuer99 Daten File repair
EA - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
EA3 - Fifa 2001 Environment Data repair
EAC - EmEditor Auto Completion File repair
EAC - EasyAntiCheat Configuration File ( repair
EAF - MicroEmacs Abbreviation File Format repair
EAF - Aframe repair
EAL - Enfocus Action List repair
EAM - France98 Football Game Audio File repair
EAP - Enterprise Architect Project (Sparx Systems Pty Ltd.) repair
EAP - C-More HMI Programming Software Project File (Automation Direct) repair
EAR - Java Enterprise Application Packaging Unit repair
EAR - ETI Camcorder Pro Audio File (Eyemail Technology, Inc.) repair
EARTH - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
EAS - EAS 2004 Applicant Reference Database (UCAS) repair
EAS - Elite Visual Basic API Spy repair
EAS - OS/2 Extended File Attributes repair
EASA - EASA Application Development File (AEA Technology plc) repair
EASAP - EASA Archive (AEA Technology plc) repair
EASM - eDrawings part (v 2008) repair
EASMX - Microsoft® Windows® Operating System file repair
EATF - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
EAZ - Express Assist File repair
EB - EBwin Estudio Basico de Seguridad y Salud Health and Safety Project Information (Procedimientos-Uno, S.L.) repair
EBA - X-Lite file repair
EBAK - Ideal Summary Sheets Encrypted Backup (Conquer Internet Ltd.) repair
EBB - Empower Business Bulletin (Metapraxis Ltd.) repair
EBC - Compiled MediaBasic Project repair
EBD - Empower Business Dashboard (Metapraxis Ltd.) repair
EBF - EARS Definition Backup repair
EBF - Pocket PC WindowsCE Form File (Microsoft Corporation) repair
EBJ - Geoworks Error Checking Object File repair
EBK - EARS Database Backup repair
EBK - Embiid Reader eBook (Embiid Inc.) repair
EBK - Email Saver Xe Backup File (Amic Games) repair
EBM - Attachmate Extra! Macro repair
EBM - Ragnarok Online Emblem (Gravity Co., Ltd.) repair
EBO - Microsoft® Reader file repair
EBO - Microsoft Reader eBook annotations repair
EBP - Volleyball Playbook project repair
EBS - EyeBatch Command Script (Atalasoft, Inc.) repair
EBS - Rational Rose 98 Script Source (IBM) repair
EBS - WindowsXP Scanner File repair
EBS - E-Scripter Script (CMS) repair
EBU - Exact Globe 2000/2003 Database Backup (Exact Software) repair
EBUILD - Gentoo Linux Ebuild Application File (Gentoo Foundation, Inc.) repair
EBX - Electronic Book Exchange repair
EBZ - EB Player Saved Game (Intersystem Concepts, Inc.) repair
EC - Preprocessed GOC Source Code repair
EC3 - Print CD CD Label Image (Epson America, Inc.) repair
ECA - electroCAD File repair
ECC - Ecchi Role-playing Format repair
ECC - dvdisaster Error-Correction File (Carsten Gnörlich) repair
ECC - Essential Taceo Crypto Container (Essential Security Software, Inc.) repair
ECD - Questionnaire Specification Language File repair
ECD - LabelMaker CD/DVD Label File (Memorex Products, Inc.) repair
ECE - Oracle Application Express Dynamic Web Page (Oracle) repair
ECF - Exchange Extended Configuration File - Office Add-in repair
ECG - ECG Viewer (Nihon Kohden Corporation) repair
ECG - Preprocessed GOC Source Code repair
ECH - EasyChem Save File repair
ECHO - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
ECHO6 - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
ECHOING - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
ECHR - Explorations RPG System Character/Map System Sprites (Tyrone W. Lee) repair
ECL - Eclipse (The Eclipse Foundation) repair
ECLIPSEPRODUCT - Eclipse product marker repair
ECM - Error Code Modeler repair
ECMS - ECMerge Merge Status (Ellié Computing) repair
ECMT - ECMerge Merge Template (Ellié Computing) repair
ECO - NetManage ECCO File repair
ECP - eCourse Planner eCourse Template (ICS Corporation) repair
ECR - Ecrypt E-mail File (Email Connection) repair
ECRAN - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) repair
ECS - Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File repair
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